Hooks up to a bike or a treadmill for optimal comfort


Patent pending Adaptive Contrast (AC) technology gives you access to both oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air. It is the newest generation of our exercise with oxygen technology.

By training with oxygen depleted air your cells quickly create an increased demand for oxygen. When you flip the switch back to higher oxygen air your cells can absorb more oxygen.

Benefits of using AC over Standard (EWOT) reservoir system

  • Increased levels of oxygen in blood plasma and tissues
  • Creating more red blood cells 
  • Expansion of vascular networks
  • Greater energy and cellular voltage
  • Faster recovery/healing/performance


The LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast (AC) System is our most popular system for intense training. This system allows you to train with all our exercise usage guides. Our proprietary Adaptive Contrast technology allows you to instantly switch between oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air. This allows you to get better results in less time.


Red Light Energy


NASA discovered that red-light energy accelerates healing and improves appearance, elasticity, and moisture content in surrounding areas.



Research confirms that once absorbed, the energy from the red-light wavelengths converts into cellular energy, which in turn stimulates the body's natural healing and rejuvenation process.

Wrinkle Reduction


When the skin is exposed to light waves at 633 nanometers, these gentle yet powerful wavelengths energize the collagen cells - causing them to expand and retain moisture. 

Additional Benefits


Red-light energy also increases circulation, forms new capillaries, reduces inflammation, and causes the release of ATP (cellular energy).



Poly is bendable and flexible so it can be used on different areas of the body with ease. It is a soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating experience with no pain. 

Recommended Use


For optimal results, Poly should be used 3 -4 times a week for 8-12 weeks with consistency. Before and After photos are included in package pricing.

Cocoon AquaIR Wet Pod



This Pod completely nourishes & rejuvenates your skin to enhance the appearance of a youthful glow & get the results you always desired. 


Features self-automated soothing infared heat (IR) paired with vitamin infused steam, liquid nutrients, & oxygen enriched air to create a rainforest-like atmosphere that your skin will love. 


  • Translucent shell
  • Infrared heat system
  • Steam system
  • Liquid vitamins & Aromas
  • Massage vibration
  • Pre-set programs
  • Cool facial air fans for comfort
  • Chromo lighting
  • Oxygen generator


  • Hydration
  • Weight Management
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Relaxation
  • Cleansing
  • Rejuvenation

Pod Packages

New packages available in our pricing tab!!

Cocoon Wellness Pro Red



Delivers wellness & fitness benefits for optimized whole body health. Whether your goals are weight management, weight loss, firming, toning, improving endurance, pain relief, improving focus, stress relief, or relaxation, the Wellness Pro Red can help you!


  • Infrared Heat
  • Red Chromolight Therapy
  • Radiant Heat
  • Red Ambient Lighting
  • Oxygen
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Optional Essential Oils
  • Cool Facial Fan for Comfort


The Cocoon Wellness Pro is the newest, most technologically advanced capsule for exercise, fitness, spa, and beauty services. 



Cryo Slimming

Cryo Slimming safely and effectively uses thermal shock to naturally destroy adipose cell or fat cells without any damage to the skin. The Cryo T Shock breaks down fat cells by starting the treatment with heat then a prolonged period of cold then heat again. This process lowers the temperature of the targeted fat cells to between 12 and 17C, triggering a phenomenon called apoptosis (a natural controlled cell death). Then the body naturally flushes the fat cells out through the bloodstream and then the lymphatic system in a few days to weeks following the treatment. It is a safe, painless, and non-surgical alternative to liposuction. 


Each treatment is designed based on the needs of the client. A comprehensive plan is created at your consultation appointment so the process is tailored to your body!

Treatment Times

Each treatment ranges from a 20 minute session to about 1 hour, depending on the treatment plan. 




Cryotone works by using sub-zero temperatures to destroy body fat. It uses precisely controlled ultra low temperatures to trigger the natural death of fat cells, leaving the skin unharmed. CryoTone also tones skin and smoothes out cellulite by stimulating fibroblast cells to produce more elastin & collagen and improving circulation!


1. tissue firming

2. wrinkle reduction

3. double chin reduction

4. premature aging treatment

5. Erythrosis rosacea treatment

6. rosacea treatment


1. DECREASE in the number of fat cells!

2. Elimination of localized cellulite

3. Lymphatic & venous drainage

4. Skin toning

5. Slimming & reshaping

6. Improvement of blood circulation



Who Needs Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a rather new science being used in Chiropractors offices, Gyms, Spas and other facilities to alleviate the pains caused by everything from sports injuries to arthritis!

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body with extreme cold temperature in focused areas as well as whole-body to push the body’s healing process into overdrive!

Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. Short-time
cooling of the upper skin layer helps to boost metabolic processes, decrease anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep
and stimulate the immune system.

Cryotherapy involves the activation of natural body defenses and that is why it is totally safe. The short-time exposure
of the body does not affect the core temperature. Nitrogen is used for cooling in its liquefied form.  It's then converted to its gas form, which comprises 3/4 of atmospheric air, so the sessions are totally friendly to the environment.

Quick & Easy!

One session takes no more than three minutes. Cryotherapy addresses multiple issues at the same time, which means that the body starts the healing processes on several levels.